03 June, 2011

Happy Weekend

Can you believe it...the weekend is here again, Dear Readers! While the days certainly don't seem to be going any quicker, the weekends seem to creep up (and by!) faster and faster every week.

And speaking of days, it has been quite a few of those since I have been able to comment on your blogs, or even see what's going on on my own.
Blogger seems to have gotten itself all buggered up, and I'm none to happy about it.
I have seen and read some wonderful things over the last week and a half, and have wanted to tell those who have shared such wonderful things just how wonderful they are. So, if you have shared something wonderful, know that I loved seeing and reading about it, and sent you lovely thoughts!
And to those new folks who have decided to jump on board and follow Bee: Hello there! And welcome! I know you're there, but I can't quite see who you are just yet.
Hopefully this will all get sorted out, and quickly!

Now on to the good stuff...the happy part of the weekend!
I will be celebrating my dad's birthday (there seems to be a birthday every weekend in my family!).
This year, he's foregoing the pumpkin pie, and has put in a request for Guinness cupcakes for the second year in a row.
There is also the possibility of a bike race, and perhaps a bit of Nodding Head-ing.
How about you, Dear Readers? What are you doing to make your weekend happy?
However you spend it,
I hope your weekend is lovely!

{image from here, a favorite movie of my dad's!}


Kristin H said...

Happy happy weekend to you as well! For sure a bikers weekend and BBQ and rest.....books...art...

Petra said...

happy weekend to you too :)

Kirstin said...

Guinness cupcakes sound so good! Other than working this weekend, I am catching the Phillies game while they are in town against the Pirates. Can't wait!