07 June, 2011

Heat Wave

Last week, we got walloped with a heatwave. It was awful. About all I could manage to do was lay on the floor, arms and legs as far from my body as I could muster the energy to move them. Every now and then, I would drag myself into the kitchen and chug water straight from the pitcher in the refrigerator. I was unprepared for this heatwave, and I had to do something horrible- I had to put on shorts. My legs were not made for shorts- all skinny and big-kneed and pale. They are much more suited to sundresses. Light, airy, flowy sundresses. I have these, packed away in abundance in the attic, which is like an oven on the best of days. No way was I going up there.

But today, as we bid adieu once again to seasonable temperatures and head unwillingly back into the uppermost nineties (noooooo!!!!), I will be digging those sundresses out. And perhaps hunting for a few more. Like these:

All dresses from Anthropologie
Now. If only I could find a place like this to hide away from the heat, I'd be all set:
Stay cool, Dear Readers.


oh.just.jess said...

omg i heard 100 degrees for thursday on the radio and just about cried.

must get to store for cheap cotton sundresses!

Sarah Rooftops said...

Oh, I hear you! We had two sweltering days last week and my pasty, lumpy, purple legs just were not fit to be on show. I was so glad when it turned cold enough for tights again!

Petra said...

I love the heat. better too hot than too cold, but I understand that this is not for everyone :) for me summer could last forever!

Erin Lian said...

Maxi dresses are the answer to all lifes problems :) Pretty patterns too!

Nancy said...

Eep. I hear ya! We just watched the news and saw the extreme heat coming again! Gonna hang out at the pool, but NOT on the deck:)

Tang said...

Love maxies! But I wish I were taller. :)