20 June, 2011

Baby, We Were Born To Run

My Dears, it would seem I did promise you I'd be back to regular posting today...
but somehow today seems to have slipped away, between gluing together bits and bobs that will soon become new lovelies,
to photographing a big old pile of things that have been patiently waiting to be photographed,
to eating sandwiches and going to pilates.
So, before the day comes to it's last call, I wanted to pop in here and squeeze out a little post.
A music post; a really lovely song for a lovely Monday evening.
A lovely song for a Big Man who has gone off to play his Great Gig In The Sky.
A Big Man that I got to see twice, once in a Very Big Stadium and once again quite recently, in a tiny by today's standards arena.
(That was a good night. That night, "Born To Run" was performed, perfectly, in its entirety.)
So farewell to you, Big Man.
And to you, my Dear Readers, a good night.


odessa said...

awww. that was a great performance! thanks for sharing.

Colores said...

BEAUTIFUL SONG!! have a great day!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great post, love the song!