30 June, 2011

Twisting By The Pool

Hello, lovelies!
With the big holiday weekend coming up (at least for those of us in the states!), and so many of us heading pool- and ocean-side, I thought it was a fine time to look at some of the gorgeous swimwear making waves on Etsy.

1.PLHI  2.Alexandra Grecco   3.This Vintage Thing
1.Kai Ulu Swimwear  2. Molly B Bikinis  3.Ani Bikinis
Aren't they all so lovely?
Now go forth, grab your sunscreen, and make a splash this weekend!


the late afternoon said...

i had no idea you could find swimwear on etsy! have a great fourth of july! i'll definitely be spending mine by the water too!

oh.just.jess said...

sigh i really want a new bathing suit! sadly i won't get to make it to a pool or ocean this weekend (family reunion and wedding on the schedule!) have a lovely holiday!!

Colores said...

swimmsuits on etsy? great!!! maybe only for your country? I will check it out!