25 February, 2011

Food Escapes

I am not a fan of cooking shows. At all. Perhaps it's because I'm not a fan of cooking. Baking, yes. But I don't cook. And I don't particularly enjoy watching people stand around talking to themselves while preparing a meal. But one night last week I couldn't get to sleep and was flipping around the tv. Somehow, I landed on the Cooking Channel. And I found myself in Venice. With Jamie Oliver. Holla.

I like Jamie. He seems like a good time. And he does good things. I also like love Venice. I mean, it's Venice for eff's sake! The Floating City! So I put down the remote and watched a cooking show...of sorts. While there was plenty of Venetian eye-candy to look at in the background, the cooking part pretty much demanded my attention. There's Jamie, squatting over a fire in some sort of park, making minestrone. There he is again, sitting by a canal, making tiramisu. On his lap.
This week, Jamie asked me to escape to Athens with him. I've always wanted to go to Greece...who am I to refuse? We made tzatziki on a rooftop overlooking the Acropolis. We cooked tuna over a fire on the beach. And we made cheese with an orthodox priest. Can't wait to see where we go next week ;)

Happy trails, my sweets!

24 February, 2011

None Of The Right Moves

Andy Warhol's Dance Diagram
This little blog and I seem to be trapped inside some sort of crazy tango. Only thing is, neither of us can dance. I sit and sit and spend too much time figuring out what exactly I want to share with you, while the little cursor on my computer screen blinks with anticipation. And when I finally figure it out, and start to type, BAM! I've taken so long to decide what to write that the poor computer can't handle it and decides to take a nap. Frozen screen. Won't wake up. Sentences, finally written, now lost. Sigh...

Wishing you limited obstacles, my friends.

21 February, 2011

Drumroll, please...

Oh! Hello there! You still here? Glad to see it. And thrilled to be back spending some time in this little space! Seems this tiny beast has been slumbering like a family of bears throughout the winter. But, seeing as how we have just been bestowed a Liebster Award, I thought it was time to end this long winter's nap.

Come again? An award? For Bee? Well, that's just wonderful! The sweet and lovely Annabelle, from the sweet and stitchy Three Red Apples, has bestowed this most honorable of honors upon me. And for that, I am most gratefully humbled. And perhaps blushing, just a bit ;)

"Well, Yay!" you must be thinking. "But what exactly is a Liebster?" I'll tell you. It's an award given to crafty folk with a blog that has less than 300 followers. Criteria I'm happy to fit! The purpose is to help spread the word, get these crafty folk seen and heard. Many of the crafty Liebsters also have little shops, making the whole "seen and heard" thing rock just a little bit more!

So now comes the part where I get to pass the baton, introduce you to a few more creatives that you may not know. Dear readers, it is my pleasure to introduce you, in no particular order, to:

The dear Kim, from Red Rope Farm. When she's not busy chasing her children, birthing lambs, and spinning her own wool, she's busy creating crafty things and sharing the goings on that come with life on a farm. Oh- and her chickens lay delicious eggs!

Sweet Courtney, who once had a blog called Green and Pretty, that once featured a very new Bee Vintage Redux, for which I am still grateful. She's now over at Forest Heart, which you should check out along with both of her Etsy shops!

The amazingly talented Sofia, and her lovely blog, etre-soi. I don't really know Sofia, but I have long admired her beautiful work, and enjoy her blog and snapshots of life in France. Le sigh...

Now, go grab you family, your friends, and maybe a few total strangers, and spend some time getting to know these talented ladies. A big hug and a rip-roaring thank you to Annabelle for allowing me this honor. Go check out all the loveliness she has on offer, too! And a big yay to us all!

04 February, 2011