31 May, 2013

Beyond the Sea

When I was a little girl, my grandparents, like so many of their generation who had spent their entire lives in the Northeastern US, decided to pack up the house that my grandfather had built, the one with the pool and the really big rock in the backyard, and move to Florida.
They built a new house, a rancher, with a screened-in pool and wall-to-wall brown pile carpeting- even in the bathroom. And this new house they built on the Gulf Coast of Florida was butted right smack up against a town with a really funny name: Weeki Wachee.
This new house that they built seemed to be a million miles away from here- we had to either take a plane or drive for days to  get there. But when we did, it was magical.
Because this far-off town with the funny name, the town butted right smack up against my grandparents' new home, had a pretty big claim to fame: it had a live spring full of just as live mermaids.
Real, honest-to-God mermaids.
And to a six year old girl  in the early 1980's, there wasn't much more wonderful than a mermaid (unless you could produce a unicorn).
The mermaid show at Weeki Wachee Springs has been running since the middle of the last century.
And I went to see it every single chance I got.
I almost think that I was more excited about seeing the mermaids than about seeing any of the various family members who had followed my grandparents' migration south.
For these mermaids were no mere mermaids.
They were also ballerinas, who danced their dance deep under the spring.
They ate bananas.
They drank bottles of Coca-Cola.
Under water!!!
They were about as perfect as things could get when you were a six year old girl.
Or even a slightly older girl,
who still believes anything is possible.
Even mermaids.

29 May, 2013

On The Road Again

{J.D. Salinger writes. At a nudist colony.}
Oh, hey there, hello again.
You're still here? Glad to see it.
Seems the last time I checked in, it was the dead of winter. And then this past weekend came, marking the official unofficial start to summer.
And that seemed as good a place as any to start this back up.
The perfect time to start an adventure.
And we can go on this one together. A sort of virtual road-trip; a meandering journey through cyber space.
Jaunts to far-off lands that require no passports; stopping along the way to admire things that are often pretty; sometimes wondrous.
An odyssey. An exploration.
A new beginning.
Buckle up.
Because off we go!