31 January, 2011

Tea For Two?

Mother Nature appears to be feeling a bit cheeky lately. She has seemingly grown bored  with the gray skies and piles of snow that have become the norm of late. Yesterday, she left a spoon made of ice laying on the back deck.

Perhaps she's got a plan. Perhaps she needs ice spoons for a big wintry tea party she's planning. And perhaps she'll invite these two along.

Have a cheeky week, lovelies!

19 January, 2011

Feeling Stripey

Stripey goodness for your feet! Yippee! Have a well-heeled day, my friends.

(ballet flats from Report. Sneakers from Urban Outfitters.)

14 January, 2011

Almost Cut My Hair

Just when I thought I had decided to chop off my hair (after spending the last couple of years growing it out) I go and stumble upon this. Now I just need to figure out how, exactly, to make my hair do that...

(I wish I could rememebr where I found this...)

12 January, 2011

Let It Snow...

Spending a snowy evening inside with warm blankets, home made kettle corn, and a Netflix queue full of Louis Garrel movies. Stay cozy, my friends.

11 January, 2011

All This Useless Beauty

I have been thinking a lot, on these cold, dark January days. Thinking about things like well-appointed rooms and tattered velvet couches. Time-tarnished chandeliers and chipped crystals. About old plaster walls; and water stained wallpaper peeling along the cracks. About dusty daylight diffused by once heavy, now threadbare curtains. Drawers locked and forgotten long ago and the secrets held within. About sequins and glitter and fraying bits of lace. And about Paris trains.

And while I've been thinking these thoughts of loveliness and decay, I've been listening to this:

{and this.}

and this (which I bought in Paris and listened to on a train):

And I've been making this:

and this:

So that's what I've been up to. How about you?

05 January, 2011

Making Messes...

I'm not a resolution maker. Sure, I may make little suggestions to myself, like, "I'm going to try, really hard, to do at least 30 minutes of yoga every single day." Or, "I think I shall wear dresses with more frequency in 2011." But really, they aren't true resolutions. And while I may not be a resolution maker, I am a list maker. And a maker of stuff. So, in the newness of the year, and in my quest to be a bit more creative (another suggestion to myself for the year), I got out my pencils and made a colorful list of things I'd like to make in the next twelve months. I'm hanging it in my studio. Here's to a creative 2011!

03 January, 2011

All That Glitters

Welcome, dear friends, to a bright and shiny new year! The crazy busyness that was the holiday season is fading into the past, and all that lies ahead is a clean slate waiting to be filled with frills and baubles. My little workspace (and my busy brain!) are filled to bursting with half-started projects and jots and notes and scratchy little sketches on things to make.

I am challenging myself to be more creative this year, and to try out some new and different avenues. I am excited to dive right on in, and hope you'll all enjoy the journey with me. I can't wait to show you what unfolds! I am looking so forward to all that glitters in 2011!