05 September, 2012

See You In September...

Hello hello, my Dear Readers!
How is September treating you so far?
Did you have an enjoyable long holiday weekend?
I certainly did.
No, I didn't go see Jay-Z or Bruce Springsteen.
And we certainly didn't have a repeat of last year's drama!
But we did have Pork Fest.
It's become like a national holiday for those involved. But more on that later.
Like, next week.
I am taking the rest of the week off from the blog, not because I want to stretch this into the longest Labor Day Weekend ever,
but because fall market season is rapidly approaching.
Armed with the knowledge of what went well (and what tanked) in the spring,
I'm gearing up an arsenal of pretty that will have the entire Philadelphia area going "ooh!" and "aah!" over the coming months.
It's all finishing touches and the minor details left at this point. But I'm pretty good at neglecting those minor details and putting off those finishing touches until the last possible minute.
Then it's all way too late nights and too much hustle and not enough bustle and I'm left wearing my cranky pants.
I'd like to try to avoid that.
So a-tagging, pricing, and chain-attaching I shall go.
See you in a few.