12 July, 2012

Happy Weekend

Have a super awesome weekend, Y'all.

The Handsome Work

Way back in May, on a particularly gray and rainy day, I spied a sad faced little boy staring out a rain-streaked window at the sandbox he so longed to play in.
And an Aunt simply cannot have a sad faced Nephew #1.
So off to my studio we went.
He had been saying for ages that he "had to make Moma (his curious and adorable name for Grandmom) some earrings."
I suggested a necklace for Mommy, too.
So we worked through the day, picking just the right flowers and putting them in just the right arrangement. I took over the tedious bits, attaching the clasps and the wires.
I handed over to him a stack of paper and a rainbow's worth of markers and paints.
He worked for hours on cards and pretty paper for wrapping, silent and serious.
Only once did he look up at me , declaring,
"Aunt Heather, you do the pretty work. And I do the handsome work."
Yes, little dude, you sure do.

11 July, 2012

Cool For Cats

Once upon a time, a time when kitsch and glamour walked hand in hand, there was a pool in the shape of a cat.
This particular kitty pool was located at Miami's famed Fountainebleau Hotel.
And while the hotel still stands today, sadly, the cat does not.
Fortunately, however, for our vieweing delight, photographer Slim Aarons managed to capture this cool cat in all of its mid-century glory.

Methinks a swim here sounds pretty much purrfect.

09 July, 2012

A Dream About Flying

At the 2012 Biennale des Createurs d’Images in Paris, award-winning French photographer Laurent Chahere charmed audiences with his quirky series of flying houses.
The whimsically manipulated digital images are the stuff of dreams.

Keep your head in the clouds.
It's where the best dreams can be found.

06 July, 2012

100 Years

That wild-haired little boy in the middle of this picture?
That's my grandfather. He'll be 93 next month.
Which is impressive enough in itself.
The little girl with the big(ger) floppy bow and the crossed ankles?
That's his big sister, Edna.
She is 100 years old.
Which is really impressive.
Tonight, we will gather with family, some of whom we haven't seen in years,
to celebrate such a magnificent milestone.
A very happy birthday, indeed.

05 July, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

It is hot here.
So very, very hot.
In an endless quest to find delicious and refreshing ways to stay cool,
last week I found myself sprawled across a fan-blown chair, trolling around Pinterest,
looking to find just that sort of relief
(the delicious and refreshing sort).
I came across this recipe for Meyer lemon sorbet, and decided to give it a whirl with the non-Meyer lemons sitting in a bowl on the kitchen counter.
And while staring, transfixed by the four simple ingredients spinning around and around inside the ice cream maker, I got the idea to add in a fifth:
How about you? What are your secrets for beating the heat when the mercury goes up to Oh My God degrees?
It's blistering out there, folks. Stay cool.

03 July, 2012

People Have The Power

As if Bjork wasn't proof enough that Iceland is a pretty cool place,
check out theses sculptural power lines, designed by Brookline, Massachusetts-based architects Choi + Shine.
The Land of Giants is an award-winning installation that imagines power being carried across the Icelandic county side by human figures.

Now that is pretty flipping cool.

02 July, 2012

All The Pictures On The Wall

Remnants is a series of created "photographs" by Tennesse artist Greg Sand.
Using images of the dead, Sand uses three photographs from different points in his subjects's lives,
cut into strips and interwoven with one another.
The images he creates with these remnants are, quite literally, the portraits of a lifetime.