12 July, 2012

The Handsome Work

Way back in May, on a particularly gray and rainy day, I spied a sad faced little boy staring out a rain-streaked window at the sandbox he so longed to play in.
And an Aunt simply cannot have a sad faced Nephew #1.
So off to my studio we went.
He had been saying for ages that he "had to make Moma (his curious and adorable name for Grandmom) some earrings."
I suggested a necklace for Mommy, too.
So we worked through the day, picking just the right flowers and putting them in just the right arrangement. I took over the tedious bits, attaching the clasps and the wires.
I handed over to him a stack of paper and a rainbow's worth of markers and paints.
He worked for hours on cards and pretty paper for wrapping, silent and serious.
Only once did he look up at me , declaring,
"Aunt Heather, you do the pretty work. And I do the handsome work."
Yes, little dude, you sure do.

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