07 August, 2013

Summer Lovin'

One of the great joys of summer is, undoubtedly, a good, juicy, beach read.
For me, this usually means becoming engrossed in a Patricia Cornwell novel.
Not exactly trashy, by most standards, but not exactly cerebral, either.
Just a mindless escape for a few hundred pages.
(After all, isn't the escape all we really want in a summer read?)
However, when it comes to warm weather reading, most, it seems, gravitate towards romance novels.
Don't believe me?
Take a look at the half concealed covers of those lazily reading on blankets in city parks; on beaches;
barefoot at the edges of fountains.
You'll probably find at least half of the word "Harlequin" and at least part of Fabio's face peeking out between fingers not quite wide enough to hide the whole cover.
That is, of course, unless that romance novel has fallen into
 the incredibly talented hands of Lauren Scanlon.
But it's what Scanlon, a paper cut artist, does with the inside of these books that really wows.
Using, fittingly, the floral motifs of vintage bedding as her inspiration,
she and her army of blades attack page after page of tales of burning lust and desire
with the same passion she used to read those same pages, given to her by her grandmother, as a child.
{all images Lauren Scanlon}
 Summer reading has never looked better.