11 January, 2011

All This Useless Beauty

I have been thinking a lot, on these cold, dark January days. Thinking about things like well-appointed rooms and tattered velvet couches. Time-tarnished chandeliers and chipped crystals. About old plaster walls; and water stained wallpaper peeling along the cracks. About dusty daylight diffused by once heavy, now threadbare curtains. Drawers locked and forgotten long ago and the secrets held within. About sequins and glitter and fraying bits of lace. And about Paris trains.

And while I've been thinking these thoughts of loveliness and decay, I've been listening to this:

{and this.}

and this (which I bought in Paris and listened to on a train):

And I've been making this:

and this:

So that's what I've been up to. How about you?

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