17 June, 2011

Happy Weekend

Dear Readers...you're still here, right?
Good! Glad to see you again :)
This last week has been a very very long one,
beginning with the crippling mid-week heat wave that left me a big, lazy,
air-conditionless puddle;
to a looming deadline on a very big and very special custom order;
to a sad goodbye to a very dear uncle.

But the (much needed) weekend will give way to a new week, and a fresh start.
I'll be back Monday with regular posts, full of witty anecdotes and lovely things to ogle.
Until then, have a happy weekend.
(and a Happy Father's Day!)


Jackie Hazlett said...

Although I wish it was under different circumstances... it was so nice to see you so much this past week :) Congrats on your awesome completion of your big order. You're awesome!

odessa said...

oh, i'm sorry you had a rough week. take it easy this weekend. you deserve it! :)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Happy weekend! Enjoy it!


Erin Lian said...

I hope this week is filled with cake and other lovely stuff :)

Heather said...

Wow, a week filled with cake sounds pretty fabulous! I'll take it ;)
Jackie- yes, the circumstances were certainly less than ideal, but they were spent in very good company. We should all probably find better excuses to spend more time together. By the way, I think you're pretty awesome, too! And thanks :)

Tang said...

Hopefully the weekend was good. :)