23 June, 2011

Rock On

You all know of my love of music. And you all know of my love of Etsy. When the two combine, magic happens. See for yourselves:

And all of this fabulousness so nicely fits into my everyday. I mean, I could hang the hair chart over my vanity for inspiration. I could put my iPod in the Stevie Nicks (!) clutch and toss it into the Kate Bush (!!) tote. And, seriously, who doesn't want to eat soup with Mick and Keith?
I need it all.

Rock on, Sweet Readers.


Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

That clutch totally rocks. Pun intended. ;)
I want.

mary shouvlin said...

There are so awesome! Loving the notable haircuts!

red.neck chic said...

I love the bowls!!!!!!!!!

;-D robelyn

Erin Lian said...

Aaaah clutch is so cool!! I like how you have convinced yourself you need all these things :P

S and O said...

I love that little cassette clutch :)
such a cool collage!