02 June, 2011

Measuring Up

I do not now, nor have I ever had, any sort of head for math. So when it comes to measuring out ingredients for baking, I'm often at a loss. Quarts? Pints? Cups? Spoonfuls?

Perhaps a pretty kitchen conversion chart from one of these lovely Etsy shops should take up residence in the kitchen.
1.Knife In The Water  2.Eythink  3.Sweet Fine Day
Wishing you a day full of good measures, dears!


oh.just.jess said...

omg! i have magnets on my fridge that spell out all of the conversions for me and they are MY BEST FRIEND. i can never ever remember either!

these are much cuter alternatives than my little magnets ;)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I know what you mean, measuring out ingredients isn't my thing either :p


Nancy said...

It's always good to double check, right;)

Colores said...

I hate measuring, that´s why my cakes get often into small disasters:-)))