18 March, 2011

Snow Is Gone

Well, mostly. There are still a few of those big, dirty piles in the shaded corners of parking lots that are too high to have melted completely. But, according to the weatherman, the temperature is going to be flirting with the higher end of the thermometer this weekend. And, for the most part, the sun should be shining. Spring is a rare thing in these parts, we seem to jump right from boots and parkas to sundresses and sandals, with only a few precious days of the in between. So, ditch those parkas and get out and frolic while you can.


harem6 said...

Thank you for visiting us! It's so great to have "met" you! Your shop is awesome!
We totally love vintage stuff!

karuski said...

I'm really looking forward to spring too. Seems I still need to wait for a little bit.

Your blog is beautiful, glad I found it:)


Heather said...

Hello hello! So nice to have you both here! I absolutely love this fabulous new way of "meeting" such sweet and talented people :)