11 March, 2011

Baby Blue

Baby Boy Blue by Kiki and Polly

In a few short weeks (and the sure money's on it being a few weeks shorter than the doctor's suggesting ;), I will have a brand new, bouncing baby nephew. A tiny baby brother for The Boy. Exciting, no? The Bee family certainly thinks so.

This weekend we will be feting my sister and this little boy to be. And while this little shower is certainly no surprise (very pregnant ladies are apparently not very fond of being surprised), all of the ingredients that are going into making it lovely are. So you'll have to wait until after the weekend for me to share the goods.

But what I can share, between cutting out...something, and baking....something else, are a few of the things the Bee sisters have spotted on Etsy. Sweet things, for sweet boys.

I Love You Teether  by Little Sappling Toys

Handmade Doll  by Timo Handmade

Organic Hemp Shoes  by Bobka Baby

Dinosaur Onesies  by Pawling

Mister Numbers  by Sugar Fresh

Vintage Rocking Horse  by ethanollie

Wishing you a lovely weekend, my dears. And should you encounter any showers, I hope they're happy ones ;)


ethanollie said...

thanks so much for featuring the vintage rocker.... and i love that teether!!

Lindsay said...

thanks for the feature! great finds!

Misty said...

What wonderful finds!

PAWLING | print studio said...

lovely picks!! thanks so much for including our onesies =)

Heather said...

You all have such wonderful shops that you have so lovingly filled! Thank you for allowing me to share your talents!