16 March, 2011

And Then There's Maude

There was once a mixer named Maude. A strong, sturdy mixer, who was often put to the test. Tests she always came through with flying colors. But while Maude had no complaints, this little beater did.

This little beater had been grumbling and complaining for a while. First, the enamel started wearing away. Not a very good thing. Recently, the grumbles and complaints became louder, and the little beater stopped doing what a good beater should do. Flour sat along the bottom and sides of the bowl un-mixed. Support had to be called in, in the form of a spatula. This could not go on.

Then one day, a new little beater came into Maude's and my world. A magical beater, with sides that look like bat wings. Sides lined with tiny spatula-like scrapers that scoop everything from the bottom and sides of the bowl while it spins, freeing the actual spatula up to do other things. Like scrape bowls of lemony goodness into cookie dough.

Oh, magical bat-winged beater, I can hardly remember my life before you came into it. How happy we are going to be together.

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