29 March, 2011

A Little Bag O' Buttons

I love to organize things. Like, really, really love to organize. And organizing done in a pretty way? Swoon. Recently, it seems some of my little crafty this and thats have gotten a bit out of control, and could do with a bit of organizing. And, since I had a few of these:
and whole bunches of these:
I figured I'd make myself this:

Cute, no? Now...off to put things in a proper place!


Ellie Trerise said...

I love this! I am a huge button fan!

Annabelle said...

Too cute!
I also really, really like to organise my stuff (I'm a box junkie :) x

Heather said...

Aw, thanks, ladies! And Annabelle- I have boxes and old tins lining every single drawer and shelf, each containing various, and neatly organized, Very Important Things. It's a sickness, I say, but a good one ;)