07 March, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Good Monday to you, my dear readers! I just want to tell you that this weekend, I felt full of happiness because of you. It's true! When I sign into this happy little place of mine, I am greeted with the fact that this little hive is quietly growing in numbers. There are new followers (Hi! I'm waving to you!), and delightfully lovely new comments. It was a nice end to an already decent week :)

It also got me thinking...with more and more visitors stopping by this little place, I have a growing sense of responsibility to keep you entertained. So. Right here, and right now, I am vowing to do just that, with much more regularity than I have in the past.

When I first started tinkering with the idea of this little blog, I made lists (nothing new there...I make a lot of lists. Occasionally, they even get put to good use ;). On this list were things I might like to blog about. I've been looking over this list, and let me tell you! I had me some good ideas! I also had some completely crap ideas. I scratched them off the list. I have a lot I'd like to share with you...ponderings, musings, images, and the genius that is other people. I'm going to dazzle you with before and after projects (You know. Show you my upcycling process.). Occasionally amuse you with the goings on of my day-to-day. Help empty your wallets with the fabulousness I find on Etsy...and beyond. Make your ears smile by sharing my most favoritest of songs (and there are many.). We'll give a few sporadic features a try. Perhaps some will find wings and take flight. Others may come crashing to the ground. In any event, prepare to be wowed.

Today feels like a new start. Perhaps it's the whisper of spring that was in the air this weekend, or the sun shining brightly after a dark day of heavy rains. Whatever it is, I'm hopping on this bike, and it's time to start pedaling.
See you tomorrow, my sweets!

{the fabulous image of Grace Kelley and a bike comes from my new favorite obsession, Rides A Bike.
 Seriously. Click on that. You'll thank me later.}

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