24 March, 2011

Certain A'Peel

So I've got this thing for old stuff. Old stuff has character. Old stuff has quirk. And, quite often, old stuff has chippy, peely paint. Nothing can set my heart all a-flutter in the middle of a junk-filled flea market quite like a bit of perfectly peely paint.
I have tried, with varying degrees of semi-success, to recreate an authentically peely look, with everything from sandpaper to wax to a hair dryer. But let's face it: nothing, and I do mean nothing, has that heart-fluttery goodness found in the flakes of authentically old and peely paint.

Hoping the day holds much appeal for you, my dears!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

I concur, there is something so magical about chippy, peely paint!