14 March, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday, Bay-Bee

This week, my little Bee turns one. And my, how we've grown! It's been a year of baby steps and trying new things. A year of firsts, of learning and growing along the way. A year filled with wonderful and inspiring new friends. Friends (both old and new) whose support and creativity have, perhaps unwittingly, pushed and challenged me to achieve more, and kept me going when I felt there was no point. Thank you, friends. You are the world to me. Bee and I have traveled so far since our journey began, but we have so far yet to go. New challenges and discoveries and friends still to be made, and adventures awaiting us as we continue to grow. Thank you all, my dear friends, for joining me and Bee on this journey.

Wishing you many happy returns!

{dear friends, please join me in celebrating my little Bee by taking 15% off of your purchasse during our birthday week. Just enter the code HAPPYBEEDAY at check-out!}

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