29 November, 2010

You're Invited...

Hello there, dear readers! Did you have a wonderful weekend? I sure did. The three "f"s were in place: family, friends, and food. All was good.

Now. Way back in the spring, when I started my little Etsy shop, I wondered a lot of things. Most of them, like, "Will I ever sell anything?" or, "Can I even figure this out?" have been answered (the answer? Yes!). But I wondered other things. Like..."What's it like to be in one of those awesome treasuries that is super hot and stays at the head of the pack for days? Or weeks?" I also wondered what it might be like to be one of those wildly successful sellers with many packages to send out, and e-mails and requests to tend to. Well, this weekend, I got, tucked neatly in alongside heaping plates of leftovers, a taste of both of those wonderings. I found myself in this hot little collection curated by the super sweet Cara from Fanciness on Etsy. She rocks. And her beautiful collection got super hot. And I got super busy with sales, requests, and things to mail. And it was awesome.

Bee Vintage Redux

In fact, it was such an awesome experience, I felt the need to celebrate. So, I put on my party shoes, poured myself some egg nog, and fired up the laptop, and set about putting the shop into party mode. And you're all invited to the party! I'm celebrating with a bit of free shipping. You have until clocks strike midnight across Philadelphia tonight to take advantage. Happy shopping!

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