08 November, 2010

Onward and Upward

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Oh, hello there! How lovely to find you here! But of course you're wondering, "Where is here, exactly?" Patience. We'll get to that, over time. First we need to find some footing. Perhaps we should begin with how we started out on this journey to here. Gather 'round, and I'll start the tale.

Once upon a time, way, way back in the early spring, a young girl found herself wondering what she should do with her life. She had some ideas, and, oh, they were big ideas. But this girl, she's more of a small actions type of girl. So she took some of these big ideas, and planted them in the ground, and started to tend to them with curiosity and all of her small actions.

Before long, one of the many big ideas the young girl had planted began to sprout. Surrounded by a flurry of very small actions, this tiny sprout blossomed into Bee Vintage Redux. The young girl (who had always been affectionately known as Bee to her closest family) stood back at smiled proudly at all of her hard work. But she knew that this big idea was still very small, and would need much more love and cultivation to grow into  one of the big ideas she longed for it to be.

Of course, there were still other big ideas waiting for their chance to bloom.  So the girl gathered up all of her small actions, and her tiny sprout, and set out further down the garden path, dropping small actions wherever she went. And that is where we find ourselves, dear readers, tending and growing, travelling onward and upward through this crazy garden. Watching and hoping for all of these small ideas turn into big realities that I can't wait to share with you.  I hope you'll come with me on this journey and allow you to share with you my trials and tribulations, my ideas and inspirations, the things I love, and the occasional amusing tale. I'm not quite sure where I'm going or how I'll get there, but it would be such a pleasure to bring you all along.


Anonymous said...

you are a great writer! can't wait to hear more.... good luck and can i call you bee?? didn't know that was a nice name of yours!

Heather said...

Thank you, Jackie! You can call me Bee anytime ;)