18 November, 2010

Holly and Jolly

It happens every year, about two weeks before Halloween: I get possessed by the Christmas Spirit. At first, it's just little bubbles: a craving for egg nog, and urge to watch "White Christmas." But those bubbles keep getting bigger and bigger, and finally, by November first, we're at a full boil. Sure, I try to keep up an autumnal front. On the outside, I'm all pumpkins! and acorns! and pretty falling leaves! But on the inside, it's more like candy canes! tinsel! and pretty glass balls! I do my best to keep the merriment on the down low. I'll casually slip gift ideas into conversations, and let that lead where it may. I'll pretend to be aimlessly wandering around Target until woops! How did that happen? We're in amongst fake trees and glittery ornaments.

I'm usually pretty good at keeping up this front until the day after Thanksgiving. As soon as that Friday hits though, all bets are off. It's Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year! But this year, the lid blew off early. Last week, I bought a gallon of milk. The little plastic wrapper around the middle was decorated with trees and carolers and ice skating children. I squealed with glee. Literally. And then I figured, if the milk can be excited about Christmas, so can I. I'm gonna let my holly jolly flag fly. It's Christmas! And it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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