15 August, 2012

You Say Tomato

A hot, lazy morning, sitting in the backyard with Nephew 1.
Having deep conversations, the sort of which you can only have with three year old boys.
A suggestion, can't remember whose, his or mine, to rid the garden of some of the tomatoes that are starting to overrun it.

Tomatoes so big we need to use two hands to carry them.
A colander, filled to overflowing with tiny cherry tomatoes.
He scolds me when I neglect to pull the stems off, telling me I "need to peel them", as he reaches in and removes the offending tops himself.
We throw the bad ones to the squirrels.
The rest we bring inside, washing them, sneaking a few into our mouths for a snack.
Mixing them with olive oil and fresh basil for lunch.
Hardly making a dent in our harvest.

Savoring the too-quick summer.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yum! My favorite kind of fresh:)