07 August, 2012

Dolla Dolla Bills

During his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh never made a cent for his artwork.
With that thought in mind, I bring you today the second in an unintentional two-part series on money as art.
Yesterday was change (Jacqueline Lou Skaggs' painted pennies).
Today, cold, hard, paper cash.
When it comes to dollar bills, I have to assume you are like me, folding your money in half, sometimes in half again.
Shoving it into pockets, wallets, and bags, without much in the way of care.
I have to assume all of this because the evidence is rather plain:
creases, wrinkles, and torn corners cover the green sheets in my wallet.
But not so with Japanese artist Hasegawa Yosuke.
When it comes to folding his cash, Yosuke takes great care, folding and bending the bills around the portrait at its center.
His money origami is cheeky. And largely brilliant.


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Karissa said...

This is awesome! And I thought I was skilled when I fold a paper football.