03 August, 2012

Happy August

I never intended upon a two-plus week blog-cation.
I had things to share. Clever people who made pretty things. Weekday activities. Shenanigans.
And then, somehow, Mid-July turned into August.
Without so much as a peep.
Blame it on the heat.
Blame it on a broken laptop.
Blame it on the flu-like horror that kept me in a vice grip for too many days.
Blame it on laziness. It's the most likely culprit.
Monday. Monday will be a return to the babelling, the pretty things, and, for sure, a few shenanigans.
Until then, a few things that I managed to busy myself with in the past two-plus weeks:
I re-designed my shop for fall, which will be here all too soon. At least, I've started to.
And since fall means back to school, I've decided to pretty those words up a bit by adding the word "sale" to the end. Enter the code "toocoolforschool" at checkout to take 15% off an entire purchase.
Treat yourselves to a bit of end-of-summer prettiness.
(And get them while you can- the fall show schedule is begining to take shape.
 But more on that later.)
I also joined Twitter. I have no clue what to do with it, but I'll figure it out. You're gonna want to follow me. I'm as deep as a puddle. And occasionally hilarious.
That should hold you over.
Have a Happy Weekend. See you on the other side.

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