22 August, 2012

She's Crafty

The vein of craftiness runs deep in my family.
My sister, despite the fact that she understands numbers and science, has a natural ability to put together color and pattern.
She might get it from our mom, who once taught people how to do stained glass. You know, 'cause she was good at it.
Or, she quite possibly got it from our dad, whose wood shop tinkerings have produced a sandbox, a big old shed, and a new kitchen, including cabinets to fit the crooked walls of a 150 year old farmhouse.
My Grandmom Tina, my mom's mom, always said my talent came from her. I once saw her draw a horse. It wasn't too bad.
But I'm pretty sure I got it from my other Grandmom, Grandmom Vroom Vroom (named so because my Grandfather had a motorcycle, and it went "Vroom! Vroom!").

Just look what she could do with a few old beer cans and a crochet hook!
Not only did Grandmom Vroom Vroom have talent,
she clearly impacted my earliest sense of style, as evidenced above.
So drink up, kids.
Winter's right around the corner.
And I know you're all gonna want to be rockin' a beer can hat when the snow starts to fall.


sara said...

Where the hell did you find this?

Heather said...

I have a few old photo albums from Grandmom. K loves to go through them. They are a treasure trove of hilarity (and mostly pre-date you).