06 August, 2012

Pretty as a Penny

The humble penny.
Throw away currency, by today's standards.
They can be found laying scattered on sidewalks and streets, tarnished copper distinguishing them from the trash and collected debris.
Head's up, pick it up.
Collect them on shelves, in dishes and jars.
A stack of twenty five equals a single quarter.
A pile of five hundred, a five dollar bill.
You can't get very far on penny power.
But artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs sees things differently.
Where we see the raised smoothness of Abraham Lincoln's profile, and the rough, textured ridges of the monument in his name, Skaggs sees a blank canvas.
Her series Tondi Observations is a collection of twelve tiny paintings, each done on a found penny.


A penny for your thoughts?


Sarah B. said...

Wow!!! Those are so impressive for such a small "canvas" :)

Monica said...

these are fabulous. what detail and expanse for the size.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The details on these pennies are simply amazing!

Vicki Smith said...

Love these!!!!!!!!!