29 July, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend, Dear Readers!
Can you believe this is the last weekend of July already?
Boot season will be here before we know it (Hooray! Boot season!).
This late summer weekend is going to be full of crafty goodness.
But, if I play my cards right, and don't put everything off until the last possible minute,
I just might be able to squeeze in a swim and a visit with the two most handsome boys.
How about you?
What do you have planned for this final July weekend?
Enjoy it, however you spend it!

28 July, 2011

Philly Love

Happy Thursday, Dear Readers!
I hope this week has been treating you well.
Me, I've been a busy busy Bee, getting things all lovelied up and ready for a weekend craft show.
This particular show has me rather excited, because it's right smack in the heart of South Philly. I've done plenty of shows that dance around the edges of the city, but this will be the first in the city proper.
I can't wait to set up shop alongside and meet a bunch of talented Philly folk!

So in honor of the weekend's festivites, I thought it's be a swell time to celebrate this fine city, Etsy style.

1&4 Standard Tap and Johnny Brendas prints by Michele Melcher
2 Love (Philadelphia) by Kathryn Whyte
3 Embroidered Pennsylvania Necklace by Il Gatto Selvatico
5 Philadelphia Button Set by B. Radley
6 Philadelphia Skyline Necklace by Crossed Out Creations
Hope your day is both bangin' and boomin', Dear Readers!

27 July, 2011

Under The Peach Trees

Hotel All'Angelo
Venice, Italy. May 2007

The last trip I took to Italy, I stayed two nights in Venice. I'd been to Venice before, but always as one of those dreaded Daytrippers- in on a morning train, out before dinner.
This time around would be different. There would be no rushing around to see everything, and I would take the time to watch this city, one of the most magical places on earth, twinkle at night.
We stayed at a little hotel  just a few zig-zagged alleyways from Piazza San Marco. Upon our arrival, we were ushered into an antique-filled sitting area, with French doors that opened directly onto a canal, to wait for a water taxi to bring our luggage.
And we were served, from a silver tray, bellinis.
Never before had anything tasted so perfect as that sparkling peach cocktail, drank standing in a doorway overlooking the city in which is was created.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, a wanderlust state of mind, and a bowl of fruit that included two donut peaches on the verge of going bad. A quick trip to the liquor store to procure a bottle of prosecco, peaches squeezed through a strainer, and I was, for just a quick moment, back in Venice.

26 July, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

How sweet are these engagement photos?

{all photos found here}

I can only imagine that the couple behind such a fun photo shoot
has to be equally delightful.

Have a whimsical day, Sweets!

25 July, 2011

I've Seen Those English Dramas, Too

I love Ryan Adams. But then, who doesn't?
I also love Vampire Weekend. So, apparently, does Ryan Adams.
Ergo, I love this:

And this:

Word on the street is there's an album to follow soon...
(Thanks, Sister, for showing me this.)

22 July, 2011

Happy Weekend

Emmylou Harris

A sultry hello and welcome to the weekend, Dear Readers.
I'm sure you've heard (and are quite possibly experiencing) that it's hot. Triple digit hot.
The kind of hot that, when walked into from an air conditioned interior, grabs you and shakes you and has you saying, "So. This is what it feels like to be a firecracker."
The kind of hot that has you remembering the sleepovers of your thirteen year old self, when nothing could possibly have been more mortifying than having someone freeze your bra. Now you're thinking it sounds like a brilliant idea.
The kind of hot in which you would (or perhaps should) definitely think twice about attending an outdoor, three-day music festival. But not me. I thought once. I've been going since year one, and tradition is tradition.
Hot hot heat or not.
Now, you're probably all like "But wait- you hate heat!" Which I do.
So here's my plan: daytime performances, you know, the ones that take place under a blazing sun, those will be enjoyed over the radio, from the comfort of an air conditioned home or a pool. That's not to say I wouldn't really like to experience some of those in person, but, you know.
Mercifully, the big guns have all been saved to be enjoyed under cover of night. Which is when I will venture out, dressed in shorts and carrying a cooler filled with frozen water. Eighty five degrees at nine pm is certainly acceptable if I get to see Emmylou Harris!

How about you, Dear Readers? How are you spending this melty weekend? And how do you stay cool?
Be safe and hydrated, my friends!

21 July, 2011

Sweet Thing

I am all about lovely edibles this week.
Like, elegant, gorgeously decorated cookies, and finely detailed floral candy necklaces.

Cookies from Sweet Ambs Cookies
Candy necklace from Andie's Specialty Sweets

And I am smitten with these fabulous Pantone-inspired cookies from Namayumi!

Wishing you a day filled with sweet treats, Dear Readers!

20 July, 2011

Sing Me To Sleep

This is how we rock, and this is how we roll.

Last Friday afternoon, Sister and I took Nephews 1 and 2 to see Gomez.
And though it was a rather stripped-down, two piece version of the band,
it was a far from boring performance.
Not that you could tell by looking at those two sleepyheads.

19 July, 2011

Playing With Food

Artist Judith G. Klausner does some pretty amazing things with food.
I mean, how awesome are these cameos carved into Oreos?

Clearly, someone wasn't listening when her mamma told her not to play with her food.
 And hooray for that.

Have a playful day, sweets!

18 July, 2011

Wild In The Streets

There is some serious awesomeness going on on the streets of Berlin.

{via Honestly, WTF}

And then there's this bit of vintage street painting awesomeness from right here in Philly:

Have a colorful week, Dear Readers!

15 July, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hello, sweet readers, and welcome to the end of another week!
It has been a long, long week.
A week in which the bulk of my time was spent laying, quite still, in my bed,
done in by a pinched something or other in my back.
The week hasn't been without discoveries, though. Like, I learned that daytime tv really, really sucks.
And I learned that Anthony Bourdain is a really, really good writer.
I learned that I can, quite literally, eat Edie's frozen coconut bars all day long, and that doing so with a spoon is an advisable tactic when eating frozen coconut bars in bed.
I learned that I need a pedicure. Desperately.
And I learned, somewhere during the time spent laying, quite still, in my bed,
that you can pretty much type the name of any famous, hot guy into google image search, and eventually,
 a picture of said hot guy sitting on a toilet will appear.
But I'm up now, and very carefully about. And about to take a very handsome little man on a choo-choo ride to go and see the music.
(The music in this instance being the band Gomez. And the show? It's free. And at noon.)
Not too shabby an end to such a long long week.

Wishing you a slow and steady weekend, my sweets!

14 July, 2011


In continuing on with the travel theme from earlier in the week, I thought it would be a fine time to look at some lovely postcards and sweet notes, written from days gone by and worlds away.

1.Bailey Doesn't Bark 2.&3. Rosie's Armoire

Lily Moon
Wishing you a day filled with sweet wishes sent from afar.

13 July, 2011

Mid-Week Eye Candy

Happy Wednesday, my sweets!
I thought it might be nice to celebrate the fact that we've made it halfway through the week by looking at Gael Garcia Bernal.

You're welcome.

12 July, 2011


One Sunday, back in mid-April, an early morning phone call came from my sister, saying that this would be the day Nephew number Two would be making his appearance. Breakfast and a shower happened, my bag was packed in preparation for a possible long night with Nephew number One, and then.....
I'm not very good at waiting. I paced a bit, fluffed some pillows, stared at the phone.
I needed a project. A small one, one that could be quickly abandoned, but something meaty enough to really get involved in.

I decided it was the perfect afternoon to make limoncello. Zesting a half a dozen lemons would kill a nice chunk of time. And, since it was baby day, I'd call it babycello, and we would toast his tiny self with it once it was ready.

So I gathered together my lemons and sugar and vodka, grabbed the zester, and the phone rang. Baby time!
My little project would have to wait for another day.

I picked up where I left off a few days later.
Lemons were zested and drowned in vodka, and the little jar was placed on a cool dark shelf in the basement.
Every morning for the next six weeks, right after turning the coffee maker on, I went down and shook my little jar.

After six weeks in the dark, I brought the little jar up into the bright daylight of the kitchen, drained my zest, added some simple syrup, and back to the basement it went for a two week rest (apparently, it's very taxing turning into a delicious Italian digestivo!).

Once my little cocktail had finished its rest, into the freezer it went.
If you've never had it, there's nothing quite like fresh made limoncello.
I first had it (very early in the morning) in a ceramic tile studio in southern Italy.
I'd had limoncello before, but never like that.
And from then on, I only wanted to have it like that:
fresh, smooth, and perfectly lemony.
So thank you, Nephew number Two,
for providing me with the need for a simple project while I waited for you to be born.
Cin cin!


11 July, 2011

Mix Tape Monday, Volume 4


Happy Monday, my friends!
And what a Monday it is. It's the second Monday of July (already!), and seeing as how the first Monday was a holiday, and I was off enjoying that fact, this week becomes the de facto week for July's edition of Mix Tape Monday.

This month, it's all about road trippin'.
July is the perfect month for such an activity: school's out, time off is easy to come by, and there are still a few pleasant weeks of windows down type driving days before the August heat settles in.

I could have gone a few ways with this mix-
 the classic rock route, my preffered listening choice for windows down driving,
or the literal route (Thunder Road, Born To Be Wild).
I instead decided on the songs that, when I hear them, remind me of a particular journey.
I remember a time in high school, riding in my friend's car, driving aimlessly about and singing
 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes at the top of our lungs, making up words to the last bit.
I remember travelling south on a bus from Rome to Naples.
Gasoline Alley came up on my iPod, followed by Dear Someone.
They both fit that particular moment in time so perfectly that I spent the rest of the ride listening to those two songs over and over again while catching distant glimpses of the sea out of one window, and Mount Vesuvius out of the other.
The Weight always makes me think of driving to my aunt and uncle's in upstate New York
with my family. It's probably one of the only things we could all agree on listening to without argument.
And there was the sleepless night spent on a train travelling from Paris to Barcelona,
trying fruitlessly to lull myself to sleep listening to Nick Drake's serenely beautiful Pink Moon album.

Enough of my rambling reminising.
Let's get to the listening!

name="movie" value="http://grooveshark.com/widget.swf" />

How about you? What do you guys like to listen to on a road trip?

08 July, 2011

Happy Weekend


Hooray hooray, it's Friday!
And what a dark and rainy Friday it's been. It's looked like early evening around here since mid-afternoon!
But, the rain rain's supposed to go away, leaving the weekend clear and bright.
This is one of those rare summer weekends that I don't have anything to do or anywhere to be, and I plan on soaking up every last lazy minute of it.
Hope you enjoy yours, too, Dear Readers!

07 July, 2011

Rock Art

My nephew is obsessed with rocks and stones. Wherever we go, if we pass a good pile of rocks, he needs to stop and fill his pockets with them to the point where they're weighing his tiny pants down. Every time he visits, a new collection appears in a spot he thinks is secret enough to keep his collection safe.

Through him, I've gained a new appreciation for rocks and stones. Shape, color, texture, and sometimes even weight vary so much from pebble to pebble that it's almost impossible not to appreciate their natural beauty. It seems an almost impossible task to improve upon Mother Nature's beauty, but somehow,through paint, crochet, and whimsically named collections,
 these talented folks have.

1. The Blackbird Sings  2.&3. Stitch Happens

4. Cori Kindred

Wishing you a day filled with beautiful surprises.

06 July, 2011


That's exactly what Jean Seberg's style leaves me in the movie of the same name.

The pants! The shoes! The perfectly fit tee!

The hair! The eyes!

The hat!

And, of course, all of those perfect stripes.

Have a stylish day, my sweets!

05 July, 2011

Shop Update!

I have been busily hidden away, happily taking apart and re-imagining a big pile of lovely old things for what feels like weeks and weeks. But now the time has come, the lovely old things have been disassembled and added to this and thats, and turned into lovely new things.
July is the month for a long over due, breath of fresh air, Super Duper Mega Huge shop update!

There are lovely new things for your neck.

There are lovely new things for your wrists.

There are even lovely little things to dangle from your ears.

There are also sweet little nothings for your walls and your table tops. This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends! New lovely things will be debuting their sweet selves all month long.
That is, if I can bear to turn off the fan long enough to finish taking all of my pictures without everything blowing away ;)

Have a week filled with lovely little things,
 Dear Readers!

01 July, 2011

Happy Weekend


Happy Fourth of July Weekend, Dear Readers!
Wishing you three (or four, if you're one of the lucky ones!) whole days
of family, friends, cocktails and sparklers.
Be happy and be safe.
See you Tuesday!