12 July, 2011


One Sunday, back in mid-April, an early morning phone call came from my sister, saying that this would be the day Nephew number Two would be making his appearance. Breakfast and a shower happened, my bag was packed in preparation for a possible long night with Nephew number One, and then.....
I'm not very good at waiting. I paced a bit, fluffed some pillows, stared at the phone.
I needed a project. A small one, one that could be quickly abandoned, but something meaty enough to really get involved in.

I decided it was the perfect afternoon to make limoncello. Zesting a half a dozen lemons would kill a nice chunk of time. And, since it was baby day, I'd call it babycello, and we would toast his tiny self with it once it was ready.

So I gathered together my lemons and sugar and vodka, grabbed the zester, and the phone rang. Baby time!
My little project would have to wait for another day.

I picked up where I left off a few days later.
Lemons were zested and drowned in vodka, and the little jar was placed on a cool dark shelf in the basement.
Every morning for the next six weeks, right after turning the coffee maker on, I went down and shook my little jar.

After six weeks in the dark, I brought the little jar up into the bright daylight of the kitchen, drained my zest, added some simple syrup, and back to the basement it went for a two week rest (apparently, it's very taxing turning into a delicious Italian digestivo!).

Once my little cocktail had finished its rest, into the freezer it went.
If you've never had it, there's nothing quite like fresh made limoncello.
I first had it (very early in the morning) in a ceramic tile studio in southern Italy.
I'd had limoncello before, but never like that.
And from then on, I only wanted to have it like that:
fresh, smooth, and perfectly lemony.
So thank you, Nephew number Two,
for providing me with the need for a simple project while I waited for you to be born.
Cin cin!



oh.just.jess said...

oh man i have never made this (just enjoyed it ;)

top of my list of things to do!

and congrats, aunt x2

sara said...

Sister, does this mean it is ready? When shall we toast my perfect little man number two?