11 July, 2011

Mix Tape Monday, Volume 4


Happy Monday, my friends!
And what a Monday it is. It's the second Monday of July (already!), and seeing as how the first Monday was a holiday, and I was off enjoying that fact, this week becomes the de facto week for July's edition of Mix Tape Monday.

This month, it's all about road trippin'.
July is the perfect month for such an activity: school's out, time off is easy to come by, and there are still a few pleasant weeks of windows down type driving days before the August heat settles in.

I could have gone a few ways with this mix-
 the classic rock route, my preffered listening choice for windows down driving,
or the literal route (Thunder Road, Born To Be Wild).
I instead decided on the songs that, when I hear them, remind me of a particular journey.
I remember a time in high school, riding in my friend's car, driving aimlessly about and singing
 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes at the top of our lungs, making up words to the last bit.
I remember travelling south on a bus from Rome to Naples.
Gasoline Alley came up on my iPod, followed by Dear Someone.
They both fit that particular moment in time so perfectly that I spent the rest of the ride listening to those two songs over and over again while catching distant glimpses of the sea out of one window, and Mount Vesuvius out of the other.
The Weight always makes me think of driving to my aunt and uncle's in upstate New York
with my family. It's probably one of the only things we could all agree on listening to without argument.
And there was the sleepless night spent on a train travelling from Paris to Barcelona,
trying fruitlessly to lull myself to sleep listening to Nick Drake's serenely beautiful Pink Moon album.

Enough of my rambling reminising.
Let's get to the listening!

name="movie" value="http://grooveshark.com/widget.swf" />

How about you? What do you guys like to listen to on a road trip?

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Stephanie said...

Seeing time past by is making me sad... That means no more summer and that school is back! Sigh.