07 July, 2011

Rock Art

My nephew is obsessed with rocks and stones. Wherever we go, if we pass a good pile of rocks, he needs to stop and fill his pockets with them to the point where they're weighing his tiny pants down. Every time he visits, a new collection appears in a spot he thinks is secret enough to keep his collection safe.

Through him, I've gained a new appreciation for rocks and stones. Shape, color, texture, and sometimes even weight vary so much from pebble to pebble that it's almost impossible not to appreciate their natural beauty. It seems an almost impossible task to improve upon Mother Nature's beauty, but somehow,through paint, crochet, and whimsically named collections,
 these talented folks have.

1. The Blackbird Sings  2.&3. Stitch Happens

4. Cori Kindred

Wishing you a day filled with beautiful surprises.


Anonymous said...

these are great! I know of a lot of kids who are obsessed with stones. I wonder why...

cori said...

thanks for the kind post! your nephew sounds *adorable*

Tang said...

I really want to try and make a crocheted one!