05 July, 2011

Shop Update!

I have been busily hidden away, happily taking apart and re-imagining a big pile of lovely old things for what feels like weeks and weeks. But now the time has come, the lovely old things have been disassembled and added to this and thats, and turned into lovely new things.
July is the month for a long over due, breath of fresh air, Super Duper Mega Huge shop update!

There are lovely new things for your neck.

There are lovely new things for your wrists.

There are even lovely little things to dangle from your ears.

There are also sweet little nothings for your walls and your table tops. This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends! New lovely things will be debuting their sweet selves all month long.
That is, if I can bear to turn off the fan long enough to finish taking all of my pictures without everything blowing away ;)

Have a week filled with lovely little things,
 Dear Readers!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Glad you've been able to be so prolific!

Sara said...

oh! I only just found you, and these really are the loveliest of things! Hurray! x