15 July, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hello, sweet readers, and welcome to the end of another week!
It has been a long, long week.
A week in which the bulk of my time was spent laying, quite still, in my bed,
done in by a pinched something or other in my back.
The week hasn't been without discoveries, though. Like, I learned that daytime tv really, really sucks.
And I learned that Anthony Bourdain is a really, really good writer.
I learned that I can, quite literally, eat Edie's frozen coconut bars all day long, and that doing so with a spoon is an advisable tactic when eating frozen coconut bars in bed.
I learned that I need a pedicure. Desperately.
And I learned, somewhere during the time spent laying, quite still, in my bed,
that you can pretty much type the name of any famous, hot guy into google image search, and eventually,
 a picture of said hot guy sitting on a toilet will appear.
But I'm up now, and very carefully about. And about to take a very handsome little man on a choo-choo ride to go and see the music.
(The music in this instance being the band Gomez. And the show? It's free. And at noon.)
Not too shabby an end to such a long long week.

Wishing you a slow and steady weekend, my sweets!


Kristin H said...

SO glad you are feeling better Heather!! Must this week treat you better.

Petra said...

happy weekend to you, too. glad you are feeling better.

Luna said...

Hi Heather, glad you are feeling better from the pinched back - and that the time spent wasn't wasted. I have sent you an email regarding your photos. I'd still love to put them on my blog if you are interested still!!!! I am really sorry about the 'delay'! Have a great week,
Jo X.

odessa said...

this is late, but I hope you're back is feeling better. I was sick for the most part last week too and watch endless amounts of shows online.

Heather said...

Oh, thanks, guys, for your well wishes :) My back is feeling much better, thank you very much. Of course, I haven't done any yoga, pilates, or running for two weeks.
Jo- I'll get them out to you before the weekend, I promise!
Odessa- poor you! Hope you're feeling better, too!
And I hope you're all having a fabulous week!