06 May, 2011

Happy Weekend!

To market, to market...it's the weekend, my dears! Opening weekend for the farmer's market! Local, farm fresh goodness. Music. Kettle corn!
And once the fruit bowls and vegetable crispers have been stocked, there's a bit of treasure hunting to do, and new lovelies to be planned and created. Lovelies enough to fill a sizable custom order I've been working on, and lovelies enough to fill a booth at this year's May Fair!
It won't all be hunting and marketing, though. There's also a bit of merry making in the works...
an 89th birthday to be celebrated
and a mom to fete.
How about you, Dear Readers? What adventures will you be getting up to?
However you spend it, have a brilliant weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend ahead!

Tang said...

Mmmm fresh fruit and veggies! I love the smell of farmer's markets.

Ella said...

happy weekend to you too!

have a great time! :)

misslikey said...

sounds like you will have lovely weekend. my will include bicycle, writing, jane austen and decoupage:)
have a lovely weekend

Erin Lian said...

Oh my goodness weekends are only two days!! Impressive :) I just made shortbread for mine ;)

Maria said...

happy weekend to you too! I like this image!


Cat said...

An 89th birthday?!?! Wow...that is a milestone! Have a glorious weekend {farmer's markets are the BEST!!!}

xx Cat brideblu

sarah nicole said...

I can't wait for our farmers market to start!

My weekend has been filled with a lot of sunshine and fun so far. Hope yours has too!



Christopher & Brittany said...
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Luli said...

Oh, I love farmer's markets. Here in America, and in Europe and just everywhere. I spent my (long) weekend in Seattle.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Aren't farmers markets lovely to go to? I really enjoy my trips to our local one. It makes me feel all happy and countrified buying their fresh produce!


Carolina said...

Farmers markets are always so full of life, love to stroll around whenever I'm at one:)

Good luck at the May Fair!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I love going to the market too!