24 May, 2011

Ballad Of A Thin Man

There are few artists who have an oeuvre as voluminous, as diverse, as lauded, as criticized, as covered, as respected, as influential, or as wordy as that of Bob Dylan.

There are few who changed not to follow the scene, but changed, and the scene followed.

There have been many over the last five decades who have been declared "The New Bob Dylan."
But there is only one to whom the title rightfully belongs.

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob.
{ps- I'd love to know...what's your favorite Bob Dylan song? My answer is in the comments!}


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great post!
Absolutely adore him! Went to his concert last year...


Heather said...

I know, I know, it's a loaded question, asking you to pick a favorite! I used to tell people mine was "Tangled Up In Blue." That's a lie. I don't have one favorite. Will you settle for a top 5?
"Visions Of Johanna"
Positively 4th Street"
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands"
"Buckets Of Rain"