09 September, 2011

Happy Weekend

Dude. It's the weekend. I have mixed emotions. The past few have brought earthquakes, hurricanes, and police vs. neighbor armed stand-offs. So, there's half of me that wants the next few days to be quiet, peaceful, and drama free. Then there's this other half that wonders what exactly to do with your typical, boring, drama free weekend. I think I'm willing to find out, though. And I'm gonna start out by sleeping in. Or maybe not. The last time I looked forward to sleeping in, I got about 4 1/2 hours into my shut-eye before being rudely awakend by gun shots. So maybe I don't want to sleep at all. Just stay awake until Monday. There you go, karma, Murphy's Law, The Universe. I've covered my bases. Perhaps that'll slow you down in catching me again. One can only hope, right?

Have a good weekend, Dear Readers, whatever life throws your way.


Erin Lian said...

I truly hope you had a less exciting weekend than the last! More sleep though heehee

Heather said...

I can report (happily? dissapointedly?) that this past weekend was a complete and utter bore.