26 August, 2011

Happy Weekend

Dear Readers...what a week it's been. A week filled with early mornings and little boys. And earthquakes. Which never happen here. And I missed it. I was pushing those little boys in their super-swank smooth riding double stroller, just marching along (at my usual near-jog pace), and I missed the whole thing.
I was undaunted by an un-returnable missed call from their daddy, figuring it was a butt/phone situation. I agreed with Nephew 1, who kept telling me about "big badumpadumps", because, yes! we were going over many a bumpy sidewalk. Budumpadump indeed! I thought the man standing in front of the cleaners might be trying to pick me up when he informed me that the earth had just moved, despite the stroller I was looming behind. It wasn't until a frantic text from my sister finally came through, asking if we were ok, that I started to suspect something might be amiss. The frightened face of Nephew 1 confirmed that suspicion.
An earthquake. A real one. And I missed it. The only proof I had were the few books and pictures that had fallen off of shelves, greeting me when I got home that night.

How can you possibly top a week that includes a rare east coast earthquake? Why, with a hurricane, of course! A hurricane looking very much like it wants to give a pretty direct hit to the Philadelphia area. A hurricane that has Mayor Bloomsberg talking evacuations in New York City. A hurricane that has me gathering candles and matches, and moving freshly moved-in things out of my floodable basement studio.
However exciting the week might have been, it's got nothing on the weekend ahead.
Stay safe, stay dry, and have a Happy Weekend.

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