10 August, 2011

Someone's In The Kitchen...

I spent a bit of much needed time this weekend with two very dear, long-time friends.
The first bit of time was spent with my Maude, my dear and trusty mixer. We haven't been spending much time together these past few hot and sticky months. It felt good to be back, measuring flour and breaking eggs. Even if turning on the oven did cause me to wilt, ever so slightly.

But it was well worth the wilt, for the time spent with Maude was time spent making a cake.
A cake baked for my dearest of friends, a friend who has been there for so long, she can still remember a smoky afternoon when baking was something I did so infrequently that I thought waxed and parchment papers were the same thing (they're not). A cake made to celebrate, with my dearest of friends, her new home, and a beautiful new chapter in her life.


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