26 September, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures...we all have them. Those little things that bring you extreme, blissed-out moments of pure joy, but shouldn't. That song on your iPod that you hope no one ever finds. You know, the one you listen to alone, late at night, with the covers pulled over your head so nobody hears. Or that really cheesy movie you secretly watch every single time it's on, reciting it back to the tv, line for line. Perhaps it's those disgustingly delicious pink snowball cakes, or Zac Efron.
I used to keep these little things my dirty secret. But ever since I heard Joe Strummer, purveyor of cool, leader of The Only Band That Matters, proclaim (a shared and) unabashed love for ABBA, I've been letting them all be known. I mean, if the man who wrote London Calling can answer yes when Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid ask him to "Take a Chance on Me," then surely I can let slip that I listen to the theme from Xanadu when I run. And I know all the words. And, despite my vegetarian ways, I like bacon. And perhaps cheese steak egg rolls. I take great pleasure in eating them both. "Steel Magnolias," despite the sap and melodrama and overacting, is one of my favorite movies. I even named my first car Shelby. I also love Dolly Parton. And Cher. And I'm ok with that.
But my biggest, juiciest Guilty Pleasure, the one that trumps all others, is Gossip Girl. Yes, it is bad. Deliciously bad. And sooo horribly good. It is a little beginning of the week treat, best enjoyed after a grueling 75 minute yoga/pilates class and a sandwich or two, with the phone and computer turned off. I savor every second of it. I have missed my little Monday night ritual (what would I do without Anthony Bourdain filling in during the summer!!??), and am eagerly awaiting the season premier tonight. Will Blair have another dream in which she is a character from an Audrey Hepburn movie? Will Rachel Zoe have another cameo that results in yet another bowl of chocolate sauce being dumped on her head? And what is up with Serena's wack-a-doo aunt and the faux cousin? I need to know!!!
How about you, Dearests? What are your Guilty Pleasures? Confess them here...you'll feel worlds better once they're out!


Petra said...

it's the good thing about growing up. you are not so image conscious any more and guilty pleasures turn into simply pleasures... I love trashy crime novels, I re-read all 7 Harry Potter books at least once a year, and I have Britney on my ipod. how is that for embarrasing ?


Heather said...

I do love a good trashy crime novel ;) Those aren't so bad! You're absolutely right, though. This is one of the good parts of the whole growing up process.