24 September, 2011

Happy Weekend

Katharine Hepburn

Happy Weekend, Dear Readers! Are you enjoying it so far?
This past week was a good one, filled with music and city adventures.
A dear friend called and asked if I wanted to be his plus one for Wilco's taping
(if it's all digital, is it even called a "taping" any more?)
Umm, yeah!
So Wednesday, it was up to New York in the pouring rain. And y'all, Wilco brought it.
But before you get too jealous, Dave wasn't there. Good thing, too, 'cause the Ed Sullivan Theater is tiny!
He would never have been able to out run me ;)
The week ended with more music in another city in the pouring rain.
This time, Nephew One and I had a city date day in Philly, and we spent the afternoon enjoying a fabulous performance by Diego Garcia.
. The Boy is fascinated by music, and I just plunked his tiny self down on a folding table in front of the stage and watched him suck it all in.
He went home and played his guitar for mommy and daddy and Nephew Two, adding an introduction to his songs by way of counting. Like I said, he sucked it all in. He's been talking about the Drum Man and his drums and sticks ever since.
A very good week, indeed.
The coming week is looking a bit more low key, a little less musical. But with all the same rain.
It is fall, after all.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lovelies!

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patience said...

my weekend was busy and i'm glad for peace and quite now...thanks for asking.

that picture is kind of how i wanted my wedding pictures to be...random and in strange spots...