04 April, 2011

Mix Tape Monday- Volume 1

Hello, my lovelies! And welcome to a new week. Perhaps you remember, and perhaps you're just hearing, but way back in January, I made a list of things that I would like to make this year. One of those things was mix tapes. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who replied with a raised eyebrow and a snide remark about whether I planned on building a time machine to take me back to a time when I actually owned a tape player. Good point.

Whatever you want to call it, I have made for you today a mix of melodies to delight your ears. And I want to make you more. I'm declaring the first Monday of each month Mix Tape Mondays. (It's at this point that I should mention that I am as equally proficient in Big Plans as I am in No Follow Through. But I like this. And I like you. So, I think there's gonna be follow through here.) So, have a listen, tap a toe, or get up and perform a little full-on boogie if you feel so inclined. Happy listening :)


Caroline said...

love the mix tape! - i still have a tape player in my car and have recently dug out all my old tapes from my yoooth...it was funny trying to explain to my kids in the car, firstly what a cassette is, and then than you can't just fast forward and rewind in a second, it takes a few moments!!! i'm loving that my daughter thinks "eye of the tiger" is "i am the tiger" and sings it very loud in the car....god help us in the summer when we have the windows open!!!! have a lovely day XXX

Heather said...

I still have a rather sizeable stack of old cassettes that I refuse to part with, despite having no way to play them.
And I love that your daughter thinks its "I Am The Tiger"! Too cute! My 2 year old nephew and I were in the car today singing loudly along to The Ramones. His tiny pumping fists had more than one glance from other drivers.

Anonymous said...

holy cow, I love this! Great mix for a (late!) sunday night..Love your shop! Love your blog! (seriously haha)
Thanks for leaving the feedback on my brooches :)

So glad you did so I could make my way over here..
looking forward to following along~

julie said...

Hi Heather!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am really enjoying this little music mix! It makes me happy!

Cheers from Boston! -julie

Heather said...

Welcome, welcome, ladies! So glad you're enjoying the little mix :) It's been ages since I'd made one, but let me tell you, creating the most absolutely perfect mix consumed MANY an hour during my high school years! It was fun to dip my feet back in.