26 April, 2011


Three years ago, when Santigold still went by the name Santogold and released her first, self-titled album, I was instantly smitten. With each listen, I became even more so. And the listens were plentiful- I listened in the car and on the train, I listened when I ran, I listened while I worked and while I lazed around in the sun. I listened with the volume turned up to 11, all through the summer and well into the colder months. So when I heard a brand new Santigold song yesterday, I absolutely squealed with glee. Summer of 2011, you officially have a soundtrack.


oh.just.jess said...

LOVE IT! and i also played her first album NONSTOP ;)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I've not heard this before...but it sounds like volume 11 music to me!!!

I love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

I've signed up to become your new follower.


dulci said...

great song!


danica said...

i actually hadn't heard this song before - thanks for sharing!

Sophie said...

i lovee Santigold! and this song is amazing. thanks for sharing it :)

so happy i came across your blog. i love it. i am a new follower x

Jessica of Fine and Fleurie said...

Love this! Great treadmill music!