22 April, 2011

Happy Weekend

{Photo From Life Magazine}
Hello darlings, and welcome to the end of another week. The past seven days have been an absolute whirlwind, from a wedding in the heaviest rains I have ever seen, to the birth of nephew number two and all of the joy that came with that. But before things begin to return to a new sort of normal, there are eggs to be hidden, presents to be wrapped, and cupcakes to be baked, for nephew number one turns two on Sunday.
I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and sweet treats!


Carissa said...

such a cute photo! Sometimes I miss the look of those old-timey floats. Have a happy easter!

misslikey said...

Have a happy weekend and happy Easter!adorable photo!

wilybrunette said...

weddings and births and rain?! sounds like an absolutely perfect week. it's pouring here in nyc today and while i'm so tired of this nasty weather, i'm trying to really give thanks for it this morning (from the cozy, inside of my apartment).