30 July, 2014

Another Roadside Attraction (Vol 2)

You guys.
Remember forever ago, when I suggested we take a road trip this summer?
And then we didn't?
Blame it on sky-rocketing gas prices.
But they've dropped now, and there's still a few good weeks of summer left.
So buckle up, we're hitting the road!
We're making the run from wherever you are to L.A.
Specifically, Vine Street in the 1930's.
Oh. Did I forget to mention our road trip mobile was capable of time travel?
It is. Pack accordingly.
Los Angeles, for some reason or other, was ripe with bizarre, literal architecture in the early half of the last century
(think Brown Derby).
Buildings in the shapes of things; creatures.
There must be a metaphor in that somewhere,
in the town where people go to escape who and what they are, 
recreating themselves, becoming someone else.
The Hollywood Flower Pot was no exception.
There was no questioning what might be found in this quirky building,
a giant pot filled with equally giant flowers.
And smaller ones for purchase.
The real deal inside the façade.
Brilliant stroke of advertising genius, really.
 A building, a flower shop, disguised as a flower pot.
Another character in a city chock full of 'em.

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