16 July, 2014

Lightning in a Bottle

One of the most summertimey things in all of summer has to be fireflies.
They are such a uniquely hot-weather phenomenon.
Catching a mason jar full of them is a right of passage.
When we were little, my sister and I, squeamish and normally avoiding anything that crawled, flew, or fell into the general category of "bug",
would catch them and bring them to my dad.
But instead of putting them into a jar, he would pull off their lights
(I know, I know.)
and stick the little blinking butts onto our fingers.
For a few short moments, before the light faded and went out, we would prance around the yard
with our fingers glowing,
the queens of the night.

And fireflies are precisely what comes to mind when looking at the works in
Canadian artist Amy Friend's series of photographs she calls Dare alla Luce.

The altering of the vintage images using points of light is a wink and a nod
to the light from which the photographs had been created in the first place.
Friend describes the process as "giving the photographs back to the light."
Fittingly, the series' title is an Italian phrase that translates to describe
the moment of birth.
{All images Amy Friend}
Twinkle twinkle, my friends.

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