11 July, 2014

Happy Weekend

Just about twelve hours and counting until it is, officially, the weekend.
Mine promises to be busy,
selling all of those carefully crafted pretties to the masses.
At least those that chose to remain in the city on a hot July weekend.
There is a general exodus out of here come Friday evening,
what with the close proximity to the shore.
If you have the choice, you'd be a fool not to trade hot concrete for sand between your toes.
I should know,.
I made just that trade earlier in the week,
playing hooky from all that is important for the day.
I ate an orange creamsicle for lunch.
I got sunburn.
It was divine.
But back to the here and now.
Should you find that you are one of those who chose not to leave the city this weekend,
well, count yourself among the lucky.
For The City of Philadelphia has options,
good options,
and won't let you down if it's a great day out that you crave.
I've packed up the travelling show and me and the pretties are hitting the road, starting today.
I'll be at the 30th Street Craft Market today, Friday the 11th, from 11-4.
Come hang out on The Porch at 30th Street Station with me and my super talented friends.
There will be food. And mini golf. And trains.
Tomorrow, I'm pretty psyched to check out the brand new Spruce Street Harbor Park.
Hammocks. Food. A river view (and a river breeze!).
The fine folks at Art Star are curating a weekly
Me and the pretties will be hanging there, under a tree, from 11-3 tomorrow.
So, like I said, Philadelphia will not let you down this weekend.
There are plenty of opportunities to peruse handmade goodness, nap in a hammock, or take in the final game of the World Cup.
Go Argentina.
Have a Happy Weekend, you guys.

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