05 June, 2014

Another Roadside Attraction (Vol. 1)

Road trips.
A quintessential summertime activity.
I had this idea, last year, that the lot of us could take a virtual road trip together.
Visit all of those tacky, kitschy roadside attractions that have pretty much no sense of purpose other than to lure in tourists with their quirk and eccentricity.
But I got lazy.
And it never happened.
So let's do it his summer, shall we?
It'll be fun.
Every Thursday, we'll put on our cut-offs and tank tops, jump into some rusty old clunker of a car, roll the windows down (with a hand crank, of course),
slip some Tom Petty into the tape deck, and set out on down the highway.
Every week, a new stop.
Each more bizarre than the last.

{This giant dinosaur, originally a Sinclair Oil gas station in Spring Hill, Florida,
is located just a few miles down the road from where my grandparents lived
when I was a kid.
It still stands today, just as it did then, operating as an auto body shop.
Image via Google images.}
Buckle up, kids.
This should be a fun ride.

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